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Border Loading Bar


Adds a load bar on any edge of the window to tell your users that the page is loading. Do You Have a website that takes awhile to load? Regardless of the time that is takes to load, show your users the loading progress of the page, with a very simple and elegant bar positioned at the edge of the window. You can fully customize this loading bar to your liking. You can choose the size, colors, if you want to display a border around the bar, casting a shadow, you can even display a custom descriptive text to your users while they wait.


  • Great flexibility to customize the loading bar.
  • Choose from the 4 edges of the window to locate the download bar.
  • Customized sizes, locations, colors, styles, and text.
  • Choose specifically the places of your web site to show the loading bar. Between pages and categories posts.
  • The loading bar will disappear once the page is fully loaded.
  • Shows a descriptive text fully customizable within the loading bar while your users expect.
  • Test Mode, the loading bar will be visible only for the administrator.
  • Light weight. It will not slow down anything on your page if you are not going to display “Border Loading Bar”.
  • It is compatible with any theme.
  • Compatibility with any browser.
  • Very easy to use and customize. Instructions are provided for each of the available settings.
  • It is responsive. Fits any screen size.
  • Programed successfully under the rules of WordPress.