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Bug’s Color


Want a different game? Destroy insects with strategy and speed. Bugs’ Color is a game literally limitless. A game that uses a dynamic environment where a variety of colorful insects that must destroy disposal completing a combo that is activated by selecting an insect that is close to two of the same color move.

The game is designed to be infinite at the level that can be achieved, can achieve go as far as possible, But beware, the game will get harder!  The more you achieve levels you can unlock powers ups that will help you progress and go further. These powers should be used strategically as you can only use two at the same time during play.

  • Only supported in landscape orientation.
  • The game supported in the languages of Spanish and English.
  • Nine unlockable power ups available.
  • Five scenarios that change during the game.
  • Six different colored bugs.
  • Save your progress
  • Provision of a table of the best scores achieved the player.